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Did the Cow Creamer Tell You That?
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31-дек-2037 05:24 pm - The Traveler Challenge

The Traveler IQ challenge ranks your geographic knowledge against 10,069,961 other travelers. Brought to you by TravelPod, a TripAdvisor Media Network member

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30-июл-2016 05:05 pm - Will Ferrell
"They shouldn't take instruments from kids"
"They shouldn't. 'shouldn't. But we do, we got lot of support"
23-фев-2016 04:55 pmNo subject
And at the end of the chapter: "I'm sure many of you are wondering why I tied a squirrel to a megaphone... Well that's all, bye bye"


Мир не изменится благодаря спасению собаки, но для собаки мир изменится навсегда
7-июл-2014 02:12 pmNo subject
Машинист за свою карьеру сбивает в среднем 8 человек
25-мар-2014 01:42 am - Ma nuit chez Maud
but each girl I met posed
a new moral challenge

that I'd been unaware of
or never had to face concretely before.

I was forced to assume certain
attitudes that were good for me,

that shook me
out of my moral lethargy.
21-мар-2014 08:54 pm - Girls/Fucked/Animals
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26-янв-2014 04:39 pm - Paths of Glory
Wherein have i done wrong?

Because you don`t know
the answer to that question...
I pity you.
7-янв-2014 12:09 am - The Secret in Their Eyes
The day she was killed,
Liliana made me tea with lemon.
I'd been coughing all night
and she said it would help.
I remember those stupid things.
Can you see?
Then I start having doubts
and I don't remember if it was lemon
or honey in the tea.
And I don't know if it's a memory
or a memory of a memory I'm left with.
7-янв-2014 12:07 am - Boogie nights
4-авг-2013 03:15 pm - Animals and grandma
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4-авг-2013 02:57 pmNo subject
Кстати, Ютинет и их "Электрохлам" очень крут, молодцы
PS А магазин - редкое дерьмо
4-июл-2013 07:37 pm - Smoking girls
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4-июл-2013 07:25 pm - Vod Kanockers
4-июл-2013 07:06 pm - Blown away
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